Artistic Director Karen Spicer looks forward to Damn Cheek’s latest Arts for Heartsake on 16 December 2022 – a heartwarming, inspiring and free evening for all!

It really is, very nearly, that time of the year again…

I open my Damn Cheek Mail Out Information folder, and there I see a poster-like image. 

On the image in red are the words ‘Art For HeartSake December Special’ 

And then in green the words ‘A free online Damn Cheeky community-centred event’.

Perched just below the words sit 2 Cheeky, smiling Elves, one dressed in red, the other dressed in green.

Below them is an invitation – to contribute something if you might like to.

The line ‘A community-centred event’ leaps out. In that line there is a beat – of poetry, of rhythm, a musicality of language, a beat like a drum, a step, a pause, a heart beat.

The Heart, the mind, the very essence of life in and surrounding us beats with a rhythm. We dance; sing; paint; embroider words, clothes and cloths; decorate rooms, trees and cakes; write, read and tell stories together and by ourselves.

Art and Heart beating, creating, remembering, celebrating, questioning, an individual discovering and expressing, a community joining and sharing.

It’s been yet another tough year for so many.

We are juggling and struggling with so many things.

It is hard to take a breath, to step away, even for a short time.

But, I do just that. I take time to visit a wonderful friend.

She’s a single Mum, Daughter, Carer, Artist.

While I’m there a group of Women gather in her home to sing. Not to rehearse, or perform, just to sing, to sing together, to be singers as well as anything else they happen to be. 

They sing a song called ‘May this room be filled with joy and harmony’.

And in that moment, on that evening, it is.

I listen to them, and my heart is lifted.

As they leave I hear laughter and “thanks” and “take care”.

They all are negotiating difficulties, getting by, getting on with it, some better than others. They know that, and tonight they just want to sing, to share their Art, their Hearts.

Art is part of being human, in whatever form we choose to express it, whether we have the opportunity to pursue it professionally or whether we don’t.

Art is around every corner, in, belonging to, and created by, all of us.

Art opens our minds, our understanding, our hearts.

It is indeed that time of year again, when it begins to draw to its end and we send out our invitation, along with our Cheeky Elves, to join us as we celebrate all our creative selves.

You may like to contribute something by performing… or by curling up on the sofa and enjoying… joining in with that beat, that rhythm, that flow, that place in the Heart that connects us.

Happy Art for Heartsake one and all.

Book your free ticket for Art for Heartsake! Friday 16 December 2022 at 8pm.