Claire Poulingier

Advisory Board Member

Claire PoulingierA French millennial, Claire has lived in Britain for many years. She has over the years both developed and fused her twin passions for psychology and the creative arts.

She completed her MA in Cultural amd Critical Studies in 2017, in which her dissertation centred on the relationship between grime music and urban/world space. She has further built on her interests with a foundation course in integrative counselling alongside studying interior design and writing a children’s book.

Claire currently works at the Advice and Counselling Centre at Queen Mary University of London, assisting and guiding students who face practical or emotional difficulties. In the future she is keen to pursue further studies mental health field.

Claire’s interest in Damn Cheek began when she started to attend the company’s series of online performances and was attracted by the blend of creativity, psychological focus and social awareness. She is very excited by the prospect of contributing to the Advisory Board.