Darren Cheek

Artistic Director

Darren CheekDarren Cheek is an actor, director, writer, teacher and dramaturg. He co-founded Damn Cheek in 2013 with the aim of encouraging and supporting individual and community involvement in theatre.

Darren himself found his theatre vocation through being fortunate enough to have the love, support, encouragement and direction of his secondary school drama teacher – and, as such, he is a passionate advocate of this kind of ripple effect.

For more than 20 years, Darren has performed both main and supporting acting roles with many of the UK’s leading regional theatres, on the national touring circuit, and at several West End theatres. Over the years he has appeared regularly in film and on television.

Before founding and becoming Artistic Director of Damn Cheek, Darren was Associate Director of Krazy Kat Theatre Company. A fluent British Sign Language user, he toured regularly in Krazy Kat Theatre Company’s sign-integrated productions between 2000 and 2011. He has also worked as Associate Director for theatre companies UnFit Productions, YCT and Kipper Tie.

Since 1997, Darren has been actively involved in the writing and development of many original plays and adaptations. He is currently developing Damn Cheek’s newest creations which include an extensive site-specific community theatre project in the North East of England plus a piece focused on eating disorders which reflects Damn Cheek’s passionate commitment to mental health issues. Darren is also continuing to develop the monthly Zoom performances which Damn Cheek began in 2020 during lockdown and which aim to stretch the boundaries of Zoom for online audiences.

Darren is an experienced trainer, role-player, presenter and facilitator in both public and corporate, national and international settings, including NHS Trusts, BBC Academy and the National Bank of Pakistan. He is also a fully qualified individual, relationship and group psychotherapist.