Debbie Christie

Founding Associate Artist

Debbie ChristieDebbie had worked with Darren and Tony on numerous occasions over the years before being invited to join Damn Cheek as a co-founder and associate artist.

She has a passion for creating exciting, challenging plays, particularly new writing projects. She loves the process of working with writers and directors to grow a script into a finished, published play, with the nuances and characters that, as an actor, she has helped to develop.

Debbie’s recent appearances include: Joan Crawford in Bette and Joan (Wokingham Theatre), Joanne in Company (Wilde Theatre), Margaret Thatcher in Handbagged (Wokingham Theatre) and Christina O’Leary in Retrospective (The Arcola). She also played Frida in The Space Between, a one-woman show which won the Kenneth Branagh New Writing Award (Windsor Fringe Festival).