Kevin Omwenga

Advisory Board Member

Kevin OmwengaKevin lives in London, having previously lived in Kenya and Botswana. He is currently working in the civil service with a focus on devolution and constitutional policy – a reflection of his commitment to building and supporting communities and bringing people together.

Kevin’s career to date includes various community projects including Citizens’ Advice – until recently he was the project lead at a community kitchen aiming to address issues such as loneliness and alienation.

He is keenly interested in the intersections between culture and art, power and politics – at a time where the ability to create and perform for a wide audience is available to anyone with a camera and internet access. Kevin is himself developing a podcast which examines current affairs through a blend of history and popular culture.

Kevin is delighted to be serving on the Advisory Board of Damn Cheek, to which he aims to bring focus, expertise, experience and political commitment.