Hard to believe that it’s December and we’re coming to the end of a year that has presented many challenges.

In the Christian tradition, candles are lit for Advent, representing hope, love, joy, peace, and the light of the world. This year we’re waiting for vaccines, an end to lockdowns and tiers and I’ve tried to express that below.

Advent 2020

It’s advent and we’re waiting. 
We’ve been waiting since March 
but now we’re lighting candles.
One for the hope we feel,
tentative, hard to handle.
One for the love we’ve shared, 
often at a distance.
Virtual hugs to show we care,
heart shapes, blown kisses.
One for the joy we long to feel,
for vaccined liberation,
an anticipation of freedom.
And one for peace of mind, 
a cause for celebration.

The fifth candle, the Christmas candle,
this year represents the light
at the end of the tunnel.
Maybe it always did.

Image courtesy of Marilylle Soveran and Flickr (Creative Commons).

This blog post originally appeared on Tony’s website.