There’s nothing quite like trying to publicise an event to bring home to you how much has changed. Gone are many of the local papers we used to talk to. The Bingley Guardian, the Shipley Times and Express, gone. Even the free sheets seem to have disappeared – no Target any longer. The dailies have digital versions, events listings and other facilities but not so much in the way of arts correspondents. Why? Because digital has taken over.

So here we are, adding to the welter of information and comment on the web. Blogging, tweeting, sharing; our opinions and news disintermediated. Which means that when I say that our show in Saltaire Festival (‘The Door’ at The Hop, 13th September since you ask) is excellent and well worth the ticket price (£10), you’ll have to take my word for it. Or the view of the NY theatre critic who said it was a ‘riveting, intelligent piece of work’ (as the playwright, I like that one) or the Three Weeks review from Edinburgh which used words like ‘blissful’ and ‘captivating’ and said it was ‘a must see’.

Darren Cheek and Jonny Vaughton in The Door

This last 18 months has seen us travel the country with two plays, of which this is one, pulling in audiences which have varied in size but not in enthusiasm, with the cast starting strong and improving with every outing and a director who has challenged, teased out improvements and supported every step of the way. It’s wonderful to be heading for Saltaire with this play, and to play at The Hop’. Hope to see you there

Tony Earnshaw