Become a Cheeky Angel!

Ever thought of becoming an Angel?
Still waiting for your wings?
Or have you been waiting in the wings?

Maybe your time is now…

Angel? What’s that then?

In the theatre world, an ‘Angel’ is a donor, someone who supports a company and its work. So, how about becoming an Angel of the theatre? More specifically, how about becoming an Angel for Damn Cheek?

Here at Damn Cheek, we’re proud to boast having a regular and varied output of work (including about one show a month on average during the pandemic). But now, more than ever, the arts in general need supporting – and so do we.

For just a small regular contribution you can join our ‘family’ of actors, writers and directors and fulfil an essential role in helping us keep creating and producing our art.

As well as making you an essential member of the Damn Cheek family, your financial support will help us generate more shows this year and beyond. Plus, you’ll be contributing to the ongoing costs every business has – never more so than now.

Which Cheeky Angel might you be…?

We’re offering this opportunity to become a core member of our company as a Cheeky Angel, at a number of levels:

Cheeky Archangel

For £5 a month, become a Cheeky Archangel and get:

  • a welcome ‘thank you’ certificate of your Angelic status
  • the option of a mention in our theatre programmes
  • a unique personalised gift from each new live production (Zoom excluded)
  • generous discounts on all Damn Cheek public workshops
  • an invitation to join exclusive, discounted ‘Angel only’ workshops
  • an invitation to our annual Angels evening – a chance to meet and catch up with your Damn Cheek ‘family’ of actors, writers and directors, as well as with your fellow Cheeky Angels

Cheeky Cherub

For £10 a month, become a Cheeky Cherub and get all the Archangel goodies plus:

  • 2 free VIP Angel tickets per year to any show of your choice

The VIP package includes 2 programmes, 2 drinks and a surprise sweet treat, along with a private Angels pre-show talk with members of the creative team.

Cheeky Seraph

For £15 a month, become a Cheeky Seraph and get all the Archangel and Cherub goodies plus:

  • 2 free places per year at a Damn Cheek workshop of your choice
  • a bespoke 50-minute talk or workshop per year on a subject of your choice, designed for you and up to 12 friends, and led online by one of our Artistic Directors

Cheeky international Seraph

If you’re not UK-based: for £17 a month, become a Cheeky International Seraph. You’ll get all the Archangel, Cherub and Seraph goodies…

… plus, you’ll get an extra offer. As an International Seraph, you probably can’t be there in person to attend the production of your choice. So instead – on the opening night and from the front row – we’ll live-stream the performance on Zoom especially to you.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of the Damn Cheek family as together we watch the live premiere of a new production.

Sign up here!

For more details or to sign up, click here to send us an email.

We’re happy to answer your questions – then once you’ve decided how angelic you want to be, we’ll let you have our bank details and you can set up a standing order.

Rather give us a one-off donation?

Absolutely fine! All donations are most welcome. Email us for details using the button below.