Children and young people have never before been faced with such huge challenges around sex, sexuality, gender, love and relationships. In a world full of contradictory ideas about what intimacy is and should be, it’s not surprising youngsters have questions, experience mixed feelings, are often confused and conflicted.

As adults, we want to support our young people to make sense of sexuality in today’s world. We want to help them have the most appropriate values and the most constructive emotions around this most important aspect of human relationships.

How can we best do this? In particular, how can we do this when we ourselves may also be confused or conflicted around these topics? We want to respond supportively and sensitively because we know that is the way to reach children and young people – but our own background or upbringing may leave us uncertain or anxious around these difficult conversations.

Programme agenda

In this session we explore tools and approaches for creative, positive and safe interactions around the field of sexuality. We’ll look at how to reshape our conversations with young people for different ages and levels of understanding. And we’ll learn a communication model that helps facilitate relaxed, educational and, above all, positive values around intimate relationships.

Darren will share professional–therapeutic examples, practical strategies, ideas and interventions for helping support these potentially provocative conversations. And, as ever, he will open the floor to create a safe space for questions and reflections.

Who this workshop is for

We’re offering this workshop online or live to individuals or groups of up to 200.

Price available on request.

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