Community partners

As a community partner on a Damn Cheek production, you’ll bring huge benefits to both your organisation and the local people you serve.

At Damn Cheek, we’re committed to individual and social wellbeing through community-based theatre. At the heart of our work is that we welcome communities and audiences to be active partners in our productions.

Since 2013 we’ve been combining performances of original writing with community outreach through skills-based workshops and developmental education. We always aim to deliver transforming benefit, both during our projects and as legacy.

Key to achieving this are the project-specific partnerships we’ve forged with many local organisations across the UK. We’d love you to join us. 

Why partner with us

The benefits to you and your community of partnering with us include:

  • placing your organisation visibly at your community’s heart
  • raising awareness and understanding of your organisation’s mission and values
  • developing schools outreach, where children create art, perform, and learn about themes linked to the show
  • offering opportunities for both children and the broader community to make elements for the production
  • organising experiential workshops for developing personal creativity, mental wellbeing, and practical and social skills
  • strengthening intergenerational awareness and communication
  • enhancing community networks
  • generating performance and volunteering opportunities
  • nurturing new and existing local artistic talent
  • increasing appreciation of the arts
  • maximising sponsorship or marketing opportunities for your organisation

How partnering with us works

We liaise closely with you from the start to tailor our in-community involvement to meet your needs.

This could include:

  • inviting you to join the steering group for project preparation
  • involving you as co-creatives to help shape the key themes of the show
  • designing pre or post-performance workshops specifically for your service users
  • inviting you to rehearsals and performances so you see what your support has created
  • including you in the post-project publicity video
  • involving you in post-project community legacy work

The ways to get involved are only limited by our collective imaginations!

Case study: Monday’s Child

Julie Latimer of Age UK Gateshead writes:

“When Damn Cheek Theatre Company approached us to work with them on their new production Monday’s Child, we jumped at the chance.

“It was clear that the show’s theme of encouraging understanding of older age memory loss completely supported our work at Age UK Gateshead.

“Damn Cheek created involvement and enthusiasm in a range of local primary schools for hosting not only the performance of the show but also in-school workshops and follow-up classroom materials. Our Age UK service users also joined the schools groups to allow intergenerational understanding between young and old. The schools feedback was outstanding, with many asking for further information and involvement.

“We at Age UK were not only thrilled with the results of the project, but enjoyed every step of the process. Damn Cheek are a delight to work with and we continue to partner with them on an ongoing basis.”

Find out more about Monday’s Child

We’d love to hear from you

We’re always keen to hear from funders, organisations and businesses who may want to help bring our productions to local communities.

To find out more about partnership opportunities that meet your needs, contact Artistic Director Darren Cheek on 07956 891 110.