Damn Cheek is in the early throes of an exciting project to be performed in Malvern Priory at Eastertide.

We’ve been commissioned to perform a Mystery Cycle, which will tell the story of the planet: from God creating the world, to the last trumpet which sounds the end the world.

We estimate the project will require 46 actors, and possibly another 100 folk to find costumes, sing in the choir, act as publicity, help with finance and ticketing, play in the orchestra, build a set, hang and operate lighting, make props, and provide refreshments. The whole community will be invited.

We hope we can involve young actors in training locally, giving them the opportunity of working alongside professional leading actors.

We’re using the York and Wakefield writers from the 15th century, and Rob Swinton (one of our writers and himself a Yorkshireman) has kept the authentic flavour of the original language.

It will be an exciting journey for us – and hopefully for the audience. We have a lot of surprises up our sleeves: it will be relevant, challenging and (particularly with the Wakefield writer) funny.

Rehearsals start 1 April 2019 and the show opens on 24 April. Performances will then run for 3 weeks.

Look out for more news on progress…

Photo: The nave looking east at Great Malvern Priory by Spencer Means via Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons licence.