Back by popular demand – our huge (online) festival circuit success! Join us for a revival of our boundary-pushing and Zoom-tastically staged tour de force, Gogol’s Diary of a Madman. Adapted by Kelvin Segger and featuring Damn Cheek’s Artistic Director Darren Cheek.

Date: Wednesday 13 October 2021

Time: 8.15pm (UK time) (doors open 8.05pm)

Venue: Online, via Zoom (You will not need to download any software to take part)

Tickets: From £5

Book your ticket online now! Nearer the time, you’ll get full details of how to join.

Part of Mole Valley Arts Alive 2021 – now in its 25th year!

About Diary of a Madman

Disturbing, dark and funny by turns, this one-man show follows our protagonist’s diarised descent into insanity. 

Diary of a Madman portrays a savage fall through anxiety, paranoia, hallucination and delusion into the depths of psychotic breakdown. Gogol’s consideration of what we deem as ‘madness’, the mapping of symptoms, the subjective experience of mental illness, the unshakable nature of delusion: all of these are as relevant today as they were in 1835. 

Read the blog! How audience member Cressy Johnson was moved, wowed and genuinely unsettled by Diary of a Madman…

About this online event

Damn Cheek continues to tease and stretch the boundaries of online theatre in this, our 18th Zoom adventure.

Please note you will not need to download any software to take part, or to be technically savvy.

Book your ticket and you’ll get details of how to access this private, live online viewing. Nearer the time, you’ll just need to click on the link we send you to be involved.

A huge hit at the 2020 Buxton and Saltaire online festivals, please don’t miss this: the last online outing of Kelvin Segger’s moving play.

Reviews for Diary of a Madman

“A powerhouse solo performance from Darren Cheek – restless and disturbed, as the script demands, but vulnerable enough to bring out the sadness at the story’s heart. An absolute credit to all involved!”

@Fringe Guru

“This was billed as a reading. But that is to understate the performance and delivery… fact is, that Darren WAS working from a script, but one which he alone could see. We wouldn’t have known, save that he admitted it in the post-show discussion.”

Michael Quine

“The performance was far from the all-too-frequent static Zoom: on several occasions the camera followed the actor moving… Plainly, Cheek brings his own knowledge of the therapeutic field to Gogol’s analysis – obsession, hallucination, misplaced trust, disbelief, delusion, all revealed in the descent into insanity.”


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