Words carry a heavy burden of human communication – especially when those words convey emotion. So it’s understandable that both authors and performers can struggle to remain fully engaged and authentic when they create or deliver emotional writing.

In this workshop, we’ll explore emotional writing for page and stage. We’ll help you engage with a variety of different written forms and disciplines – from haiku to epic, from sonnet to villanelle – then help you express authentically the emotions the writer intended.

Building a safe environment, we’ll use a variety of experiential exercises – reading, writing, reflection, discussion and other practical activities – to develop the internal responsiveness and external expressiveness that emotional texts demand.

Who this workshop is for

This workshop will appeal to adults and young adults who love or who want to love words. It’ll be particularly fascinating to dramatists, poets, fiction writers, actors and presenters  – at any stage of skill development.

This workshop will be ideal if you’re:

  • wanting to create writing which is emotional yet authentic
  • looking to understand and communicate the emotion in other writers’ work
  • seeking to fully engage with emotional material as part of your professional craft or your personal fulfilment

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