As we begin our collective, careful steps towards what feels like the next healthier and safer stage of COVID-19, many of us are now returning to once familiar personal and professional spaces and routines. But, at the same time, for many the reality of the pandemic and the resulting grief experiences of the last 2 years are still very present – both as individuals as well as our collective and shared grief…

As we continue to move forward, how might we support those in and around our workplaces who are dealing with the grief of the last 2 years – or help those who are yet to face grief? How might we support each other collectively in the workplace? How might we support ourselves?

In this workshop, we’ll contextualise and explain Kubler Ross’s 5 Stage Model of Grief, along with a brief explanation of the medical interpretation or model.

The aim is to a give a shared language of understanding for how we might support ourselves and those around us that are experiencing a grief process.

We’ll also share a few personal and professional therapeutic examples, practical strategies, ideas and interventions for helping support our grieving experiences, followed by questions and reflections from the group.

Who this workshop is for

We’re offering this workshop online or live to individuals or groups of up to 200.

Price available on request.

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