Unless you’ve grown up in Wales it’s difficult to really understand the pull of the home of the dragon. I guess everyone feels that way about where they’re from but living in hectic central London the appeal of the beaches, the rolling hills, the empty city streets on match days (rugby not football, of course) is ever stronger.

So why not push forward with bringing live theatre across the border to somewhere close to my heart? Damn Cheek Productions will be taking The Door and The Speech on tour to various theatres and arts venues in Wales.

With my Welsh background I’ve been the obvious choice to sort out the bookings and have been surprised by the array of fantastic options available for us to visit. The arts scene in Wales is up and coming and perfect for a modern, fresh and innovative company like Damn Cheek.

Once we’ve scoped out the options available and cemented dates I’ll be posting these on the website and Facebook. I for one can’t wait to have the opportunity to do what I love in the land of my fathers.

Keep an eye out on our website for updates!

Jonny Vaughton