‘Improv’ is performing without preparation. It means responding not just to what’s happening in the immediate environment, but also to our feelings. We’re all improvisers – we have to improvise every day.

Yet all too often we don’t improvise. We remain stuck, missing our own and each other’s cues, cries, gestures, gifts, laughter, demands, gratitudes and holding. We stay in denial, avoid grief and loss, miss out on joy.

This workshop is a practical and experiential session of exercises and games in a safe, supportive, fun and creative environment. The exercises help us to free ourselves up. To help us get out of our own sensible, self-editing minds. To bring more playfulness, spontaneity, creativity and compassion into our lives.

Our team has 2 decades’ experience of working with improv themes, and with participants as varied as young school students through to corporate clients and experienced professional improvisers.

Some of the themes we’ll introduce through active exercises and experiments are:

  • what is improvisation
  • how can we build trust and safety
  • staying comfortable with mistakes
  • honouring our ‘inner knowing’
  • working playfully with uncomfortable feelings
  • leaning into others
  • trusting that we have each other’s backs

Who this workshop is for

This workshop will appeal to ‘children’ of any age from secondary school upwards who want to improvise, experiment and ‘play’ – either just for fun, or because they want to grow, or because they want to build performance skills.

This workshop will be ideal if you’re:

  • ready to dip a toe in the water of improv, or already enjoying it and wanting to go further
  • keen to be spontaneous, bold, creative and curious about acting and performance
  • interested in how improv can teach you about living more fully

If you’d like us to tailor this workshop to your group, we can adapt the duration from a few hours to a complete weekend, and can adapt the challenge level to suit all ages and abilities.

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