Our 21st Zoom production! Damn Cheek is excited to present the return of Katie Taylor’s Lost and Found from Friday 14 January to Sunday 23 January 2022 – an immersive interactive theatrical Zoom experience for an audience of one!

The show

How can we pay attention to the things that matter, even as the world seems to rush past? 

How do we connect when we can’t be in the same space at the same time? And if this is a waiting room for the ‘new normal’, how can we best spend our time here?

Lost and Found is an hour-long Zoom ‘show’ in which Katie Taylor will gently lead her audience (of one person only) into a words-optional conversation, a choose-your-own-adventure ‘handscape’ of tactile experiences.

Created as a response to the physical isolation of the coronavirus pandemic, the experience will offer playful opportunity to look closely, to notice the small and pleasurable things in our immediate surroundings, to become relaxed in this sometimes strange shared digital world. 

Using feeling rather than thinking to understand where we are in relation to ourselves and each other, the experience affords the opportunity to share stories, to reconnect, and to tentatively push open the door to emotional intimacy.

A detailed exploration of the things we have lost and the things we have found, the show illuminates grief from multiple angles, and then encourages us to see the possibility of lightness.

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Dates and times

Performances at 3pm, 6pm and 8.30pm on:

  • Fri 14 January
  • Sun 16 January
  • Thurs 20 January
  • Sat 22 January

Performances at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm on:

  • Sat 15 January
  • Sun 23 January

Performances at 6pm and 8.30pm on:

  • Fri 21 January


Online, via Zoom (You will not need to download any software to take part)

Booking info

As each performance involves an audience of one person only, places are extremely limited!

Tickets cost just £20.

Book your ticket online now! Nearer the time, you’ll get full details of how to join.

Damn Cheek passionately believes that money should never be a barrier to access. We’re therefore offering a limited number of ‘pay what you feel you can’ tickets. Email us at info@damcheek.co.uk for more information.

The process

Katie Taylor’s Lost and Found is an output of 2021 research exploring connection during a no-touch pandemic, seeking to understand how sensory experiences – shared in time but not space – might build connection and even intimacy.

Development of the show has incorporated insights from science and healthcare research as well as with artists who process sensory information in different ways.

True to the heart of the show itself, the devising process has taken place entirely online, a collaboration between Katie and Damn Cheek – with artistic support, provocations and invitations from Darren along the way!

Read Katie’s blog post, Lost and Found returns.

The maker

Katie Taylor is a theatre maker, cultural producer and creative facilitator who explores themes of isolation, personal meaning and interpersonal connection. 

Her academic background is in the history and philosophy of science, and her experience includes working with historic museum collections, delivering sensory sessions on touch to artists and creative people, and facilitating infant massage classes to support parents connecting with their babies. She has worked in derelict buildings, shopping centres, art galleries, hospitals and people’s private homes!

Katie uses play, touch and delight to explore themes that can be difficult to talk about. 

She particularly enjoys working with people who perceive the world in different ways and from different perspectives – and then finding a shared language, shared interests and a shared playfulness in life.

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