Do you write for the stage – or do you want to write for the stage? In this workshop, we offer you knowledge, skills and hands-on experience about how to judge whether what you write will work when it’s performed. And if what you write doesn’t work, what to do about that.

Because to be a good dramatic writer, you need to know whether your words will survive the shift from your own mind to the actors’ performance. Will the scenes you’ve created not only honour your intentions but also allow the performers to add their magic? How do you know whether your text is ‘actable’?

Our team have themselves developed and directed many original plays and adaptations. We know first hand what the pitfalls are and can help you perfect your craft.

In this workshop, we first explain the principles of dramatic composition. Then we teach a form of self-checking by way of investigating what an actor needs to successfully perform a text. Through discussion, analysis and test-performance you’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to develop your script towards a strong first draft.

Who this workshop is for

This workshop will appeal to adults and young adults who want to write for the stage or who want to understand more about the process of writing for the stage. Students on more general creative writing courses or on literature courses will also find this workshop useful.

This workshop will be ideal if you’re:

  • fascinated to know what makes good dramatic writing
  • wanting to develop your own work in a safe and supportive setting
  • interested, if not necessarily yet ready, to see your script performed on stage

You do not need to have a script for presentation to attend.

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