By Rob Swinton

Who best understands what education is for? Philosophers? The government? Ofsted? Teachers?

Or maybe the students themselves…?


About the show

Faction follows the journeys of Pip, a sixth former from a privileged background, and Paris, a 15-year-old from the notorious local estate.

Their lifestyles may be worlds apart, but their lives are perhaps not as different as you might expect…

This play explores what it takes to provide real equality of opportunity, and the economic, social and personal costs when we fail to do so.

Previous performances

Damn Cheek performed Faction as a script-in-hand performance twice in 2017, as part of our funded ongoing research and development.

Thank you to students and staff at University of Gloucestershire for their invaluable input and support in the development of this project.

Rebecca Kenny as Beth, Matthew Burns as Pip, and Eva Bradley-Williams as Paris Noble in Faction, 2017.

Where next?

Watch this space...

We’ll publish upcoming dates of Faction here.

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Creative team

Eva Bradley-Williams

‘Paris Noble’

Eva Bradley-Williams

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Matthew Burns


Matthew Burns

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Darren Cheek


‘Dan’ (May 2017)

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Debbie Christie

‘Jean Clare’

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Clive Holland


Clive Holland

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Rebecca Kenny

‘Beth’ (March 2017)

Rebecca Kenny

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Beth Mullen

‘Beth’ (May 2017)

Beth Mullen

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Sean Richards-Mulzac

‘Dan’ (March 2017)

Sean Richards-Mulzac

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Laurence Saunders

‘Ben Pierce/Gove/Balls/Baker/Reid’

Laurence Saunders

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Karen Spicer


Karen Spicer

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