By Rob Swinton

History, poetry, politics, faith and the timeless story of love for humanity, interwoven into a vivid and thrilling retelling of the Biblical history of the world.

About the show

Mysteries is a site-specific installation project which presents the arc and themes of the Bible story, tailored for each local community it visits, and redesigned and redirected for each individual venue that houses it.

Written and directed by Rob Swinton, Mysteries draws on texts including the medieval Townley Mystery play cycle by the ‘Wakefield Master’. It includes original music composed and directed by Piers Maxim.

This epic project is designed to be performed by an ensemble cast of professional actors, and amateurs of all ages from across the local community, as well as local musicians, singers, orchestras and committed supportive volunteers. The ensemble can be as large as 200 in number!

Previous performances

Damn Cheek performed Mysteries as The Malvern Mystery Play at Great Malvern Priory in 2019.

Darren Cheek as Jesus in the Malvern Mystery Play

Darren Cheek as Jesus and Ali Belbin as Lucifer, alongside Brendan Lawler (Soldier), Andrew Law (Herald) and Bob Joyce (Annas) in the Malvern Mystery Play, 2019.

Book Mysteries for your venue

To book this show for your venue or organisation, email us for more details.


Booking the show: How it works

We liaise closely with you from the start to tailor our in-community involvement to meet your needs.

We source local individuals who might wish to take part in a professional show as actors, musicians or singers. We then run workshops to develop their personal creativity, performance skills and overall confidence. After this, we cast the show so that they work alongside our professional actors to present the Mysteries performance script at a local venue.

The result is a unique, site-specific and professionally presented show firmly rooted in your local community.

Throughout, we offer you our experience not only of theatre but also of workshop creation, stage and production management, publicity, marketing and front of house support.

Creative team

Alison Belbin


Alison Belbin

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Darren Cheek


Darren Cheek

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David Hopper


David Hopper

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Robert Joyce


Robert Joyce

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Rob Swinton

Writer and Director

Rob Swinton

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Composer, Musical Director
and Piano

Piers Maxim


John West

Mask Designer

Anthea Nakorn

Costume Designer

Joan Harborne

Lighting Designer

Andy Cooper

The Company

Susan Amos
Jan Appleby
Denise Armon-Jones
Ann Beavers
Colin Beavers
Peter Bevan
Joy Black
Elaine Blomfield
Sean Scott Burgess
Andrew Caskie
Jenny Cromwell
Tony Dean
Anne Dicks
Keith (Doug) Douglas
Mary Fraser
Sam Frewen
Jane Gleaves
Sarah Goodbury
Ruth Gould
Suzanne Hurely
Nick Jackson
Andrew Law
Brendan Lawler
Ian Lawrence
Anne Lee
Nat Macara (rehearsals)
Tom MacCanna

Florence Maxim
JJ Maxim
Rebecca Mc-Laverty-Head
Denise Murray Mason
Meryn Nance
Margeret Newitt
Isobel Nichols
Hugh Phillipson
Ruth Phillipson
Catherine Ponting
John Poole
Sally Rees
Catriona Robertson
Philip Robinson
Pam Sarginson
Alistair Sawers
Chris Shepherd
Jane Smith
Marje Stanton-Hyde
Eileen Tomlin
Derek Valentine
James Wall
Mary Wall
Megan Wall
Ron Ward
Richard Weatherill
Marina Whitehouse
Peter Young