On a Wicklow Hill

By Maria McAteer

“They’d seen his face before…” – A Day In The Life, The Beatles

…she had not seen his face before, and that was the saving grace for both of them.

About the show

A force far greater than fate or destiny pushes two total strangers to cross paths one day on a Wicklow Hill.

While they overlook the magical Luggala Valley and mysterious Lough Tay – aka The Guinness Lake – time stands still in more ways than one.

Separate lives are lived through one day with moving, sometimes humorous, and very unexpected consequences.

Prevous performances

Originally due to open at the London Irish Centre in spring 2020, then postponed due to the global pandemic, On a Wicklow Hill was first performed as an online reading on 16 April 2020.

Where next?

Watch this space...

The rescheduled opening of the play will take place later this year at the lovely Kino-Teatr in St Leonards.

We’ll post details here of dates and how to book as soon as they’re confirmed.

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Creative team

Darren Cheek


Darren Cheek

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Maria McAteer

Writer and ‘Melody’

Maria McAteer

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Karen Spicer


Karen Spicer

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