Sex is Another Language

By Tony Earnshaw

“The life, lusts and loves of Elizabeth Taylor… A tour de force. *****” 

Essential Surrey

About the show

Love, loyalty, betrayal, tragedy, hatred and adulation. Elizabeth Taylor knew them all.

From child star to sex symbol and from conspicuous consumption to dedicated AIDS campaigner, this compelling show explores the contradictions and consistencies that run through her life.

Michael Caine Award-winning writer Tony Earnshaw and director Darren Cheek bring an exciting, fresh perspective to the life of one of the last stars of classical Hollywood cinema, one of our first modern celebrities.

Previous performances

Sex is Another Language was launched in 2018.

Following successful shows at the Stepping Stones and Claremont Project, and a thrilling dinner theatre evening at the White Horse in Dorking, co-producers Damn Cheek and Enter Stage Right were thrilled to be invited to Guildford’s prestigious Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in January 2019 where the play was well received.

Creative team

Claire Malcomson

‘Elizabeth Taylor’

Claire Malcomson

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Darren Cheek


Darren Cheek

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Tony Earnshaw


Tony Earnshaw

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