The Speech

By Tony Earnshaw

Will we listen to, or even believe, the ‘truth’ when we hear it?

About the show

A prime minister wrestles with her conscience in a witty and surprising dialogue with a trusted speechwriter.

Topical, humorous and challenging, The Speech originally toured in 2015 alongside Damn Cheek’s The Door.

The two plays together explored the themes of accountability, responsibility and the consequences of our actions in politics and in war.

The Speech is a political satire that turned out to be a painfully prophetic piece, exploring the (at the time imaginary!) scenario of a UK referendum leading to a vote to leave Europe, and the ensuing consequences.

Subsequent events have overtaken us and so we are no longer touring The Speech, but instead are now developing a political farce. Because perhaps, when the world itself is beyond satire, the only way to handle the situation is with silliness, surrealism – as well as kindness. Watch this space!

The questions remain. Will we listen to, or even believe, the ‘truth’ when we hear it?

Will politicians always put party and personal agenda before the safety of the population?

Previous performances

Having played the Guildford and Buxton Fringe Festivals, The Speech then toured between 2015 and 2017.

It took in Dunoon, Birmingham, York and other venues along the way, including a sell-out week at London’s Arts Theatre.

Debbie Christie as the Prime Minister in The Speech, 2016.

Creative team

Darren Cheek

‘The speechwriter’

Darren Cheek

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Debbie Christie

‘The prime minister’

Debbie Christie

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Tony Earnshaw


Tony Earnshaw

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Rob Swinton


Rob Swinton

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