Psychological safety describes an environment where people feel able to express themselves without fear that others will think less of them.

In the workplace, that translates to employees feeling comfortable speaking up – whether they’re sharing ideas, asking questions, expressing concerns or acknowledging mistakes.

Psychological safety is also the belief that you won’t be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes – a shared belief held by members of a team that others on the team will not embarrass, reject or punish them for doing so.

In this fast-paced, light-touch session, psychotherapist, trainer and facilitator Darren Cheek will explore and plant the seeds of how psychological safety can be achieved.

We will explore the key themes and contributors to creating safe work spaces. This in turn will:

  • encourage an increasing ease with raising difficult issues or concerns
  • nurture the ability to admit errors or mistakes
  • grow confidence to offer different opinions
  • even encourage happy and comfortable disagreement

Who this workshop is for

We’re offering this workshop online or live to individuals or groups of up to 200.

Price available on request.

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