An amazing Gloucestershire audience supported us for the first officially funded leg of our development of Faction. 

A superb audience by all accounts, who sat in the round with the cast and embraced and encouraged the interactive high-energy performances, and sometimes even encouraged the “bad” behaviours of some off the students in the piece, as well as falling into the most brilliant heartfelt hysterics, as the ‘Ofsted Clones’ battled to retain some form of order among the very organised chaos.

Aside from the beautiful reactions throughout the piece, the biggest gift of the evening was the audience Q&A session afterwards. This quickly and organically grew into an extremely insightful audience-led discussion about how many of the younger people watching feel the void of real political and educational information. Recently felt most starkly with the vote on whether or not to remain in Europe, many members of the audience reflected on the sheer dearth of accessible, politically educational material and by extension the culture and society that allows for the prominence of ‘alternative facts.’

Thank you to Karen and the University of Gloucester for hosting us, and to all who came to support new writing, which in turn will help and support the growth and development of this project. Watch this space for the next Faction chapter!

See Faction in development in London

We’ve just added a London date to the development of Faction: 20 May 2017.

If you would like to contribute to the growth of this project, please buy your ticket here!