Our Serious fun workshop is an experience-based exploration of professional rehearsal room games and exercises.

It’s a silly-but-serious drama workshop that guarantees the release of creativity through games, improvisation, gentle physical movement, breath work and voice-based exercises.

The workshop’s designed not only from our first-hand knowledge of the rehearsal room as participant actors, but also from the many experiential workshops we’ve facilitated over the years.

In a safe and supportive environment, we’ll be inviting you to to take part in a variety of exercises guaranteed to be fun for all – even beginners.

Yet the exercises will also be seriously useful for those wanting to find more creative and original ways of ‘being’ as well as of working – not only in the theatre but also in any profession which demands a level of presentation skill.

Who this workshop is for

This workshop will appeal to adults and young adults at every level of acting experience, including absolute beginners and professional actors.

This workshop will be ideal if you’re:

  • interested to gain a glimpse behind the scenes and from the actors’ viewpoint
  • motivated to learn more about the techniques professional actors use to develop their performance
  • keen to improve your own skill in acting, performance and presentation

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