Damn Cheek invites you to join our seasoned servers of silliness, Darren Cheek and Katie Taylor, to explore the power of play! Having first worked together during lockdown, Darren and Katie love seeing how ridiculous you can get in the 2 dimensions of a video call. Now also available as an in-person workshop.

About the workshop

Darren Cheek and Katie Taylor are serious about play. They also know that sometimes it’s tough to play – and that during the pandemic it was even tougher. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do…

Darren and Katie’s shared love of play has led them to create Serious Play, a relaxed Zoom or in-person workshop where they gently invite you to celebrate the silly, to lift off with levity, to revel in the ridiculous! You can feel free to bring whatever’s alive in you, then discover how the alchemy of group play allows you to enquire, explore and express.

Serious Play celebrates how online (and in-person) space:

  • opens up new connections and new possibilities
  • gives time and space to explore play
  • allows us to enjoy and embrace whatever comes next

The workshop is a chance to remember that, no matter how far apart we are, we can be together.

You are warmly invited to join in as much as you wish with individual and group games to spark joy, laughter, silliness, tenderness, spontaneity, creativity and whatever else comes. Go at your own pace and choose your own adventure to get serious about play!

Price available on request.

Click the button below to ask us for more information or about upcoming dates, or to book for this workshop.

The makers


Darren Cheek

With an often Tigger-like energy, Darren is a passionate advocate of ‘play’ not only as a fun thing to do but also as a way to enhance individual fulfilment and social connection. Darren is an experienced improvisor and improvisation facilitator, as well as an actor, writer and Artistic Director of Damn Cheek Productions. He also has a busy private practice as an integrative humanistic psychotherapist working with adults, children, young people and families.

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor is a theatre maker, cultural producer and creative facilitator who explores themes of personal meaning and interpersonal connection through play, touch and delight. Her academic background is in the history and philosophy of science, and her experience includes delivering sensory sessions on touch to artists and creatives, as well as facilitating infant massage classes. Katie’s previous collaboration with Damn Cheek was Lost and Found – an immersive, interactive, theatrical Zoom experience delivered one-to-one.