Join Damn Cheek Artistic Director Darren Cheek and Stephen Thompson in their new ‘quite brilliant’ podcast, Nothing to See Here. Click here to listen and subscribe.

It can be tough for 2 friends to be divided by lockdown, especially when one is a broken, miserable, bitter, twisted and cynical old man, and the other isn’t even a psychotherapist. More worrying is that the ‘other’ is not so gradually beginning to resemble Norman Bates’s mother.  

Unable to meet up, Darren and Stephen decide to record their weekly attempts at tackling the big subjects like life and death, sex, friendship and KFC – and turn them into a podcast. It’s a meeting of ‘2 quite brilliant minds’ – chatting, biting, philosophising and sniping from their respective lockdown Zoom worlds.  

Join Stephen and Darren as they try to discover if their friendship is based on love, hate or co-dependence – or if it’s simply a pandemic-space-filling bottle of Cava.

Whatever it is, they certainly need a lot of attention.

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