Ever wondered how a production gets from page to stage? How best to bring a brand new script to life? When and how you assemble writer, director, designer, and even a potential cast, to guide a play to performance? 

Join a full creative team as they read and then workshop one of Damn Cheek’s upcoming productions. The play chosen will be one of those in the early stages of its development, just at the point where external input first begins.

Over the course of the workshop the team will read the play in full. Then, through discussion and practical exploration, the group will demonstrate some of Damn Cheek’s creative processes, growing and developing the text through the essential questions, enquiries and techniques used when bringing a new script to stage.

You’ll then have not only the chance to question the team but also the opportunity to offer your own thoughts and impressions – and so be involved in the growth and development of the new play.

Who this workshop is for

This workshop will appeal to adults and young adults – whether they’re actively involved in the creative arts of writing, acting and directing or whether they’re enthusiastic spectators.

This workshop will be ideal if you’re:

  • fascinated by the process of developing a script to production
  • itching to find creative and original ways of developing your own new work
  • interested in hearing an early draft of a new play read by a professional cast

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