Truth lies at the heart of healthy human living – but also at the heart of great acting practice. In this workshop, Artistic Director Darren Cheek offers the chance to explore the interplay between those 2 arenas, and so appreciate both more fully.

About this workshop

Darren has been a professional actor, writer and director for over 20 years – and for 14 of those years he’s also been a practising psychotherapist.

He continues to be enthralled, inspired and fascinated by just how closely therapeutic theories of ‘healthy, authentic, actualised’ living coexist with performance theories and practices of ‘great, real, true ‘acting.

During the workshop, Darren will share some of his key learnings from these 2 very enmeshed worlds and then lead you into exploration through a mixture of experiential exercises, discussion and creative activity,

Topics will include:

  • living in the moment
  • self-awareness
  • working with anxieties
  • breath and body
  • curious creativity
  • losing the ‘nonsense’
  • honest emotional communication
  • emotional somatic messaging
  • great acting, great living

You’ll come away from this full and energised session with practical ideas, useful tools and extensive resources to take directly into your professional and personal lives.

Who this workshop is for

This workshop will appeal to adults – not only actors and therapists but also writers, directors, presenters and enthusiastic audience members. It’s a workshop for everyone curious about what it means to be human.

This workshop will be ideal if you’re:

  • intrigued by the worlds of acting and/or therapy
  • wanting to draw on the skills from those 2 worlds to enhance your own work in whatever professional field
  • eager to explore ideas about truth, authenticity and the real self

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